Location is King – the Benefits of Local SEO Services

the benefits of local seo services - Conversion Strategies Inc.

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Wondering about the benefits of local SEO services? Investing in local SEO (search engine optimization) can be a difficult decision to make, especially when results aren’t guaranteed. So, why do it then?

The perks of being number one online for key local search terms are big.

Location. Location. Location… The Benefits of Local SEO

The most important decision a local business can make is choosing a great location. You want a location with a large amount of foot traffic, busy intersections, and thousands of people seeing your storefront every month.

Sure, the best corner in town usually costs a little more for rent, especially in larger towns, but your revenue will be higher and you will save on marketing dollars. You will also build a local brand much faster when everyone can easily find your business and they can easily see your sign or logo when they drive by.

Ok, so we know location is king in real life but what about online?

The best local SEO services - Conversion Strategies Inc.

Location is King Online

When it comes to positioning your business, the concept is the same online as it is offline. Location matters. The best location in town is usually near the busiest intersection or shopping center in town. Likewise, the best location online is at the top of the best search rankings.

Local SEO positions your business in the busiest places online – where your customers are looking. You can find the busiest places online by identifying the best search terms in your area and then getting your business to the top for that local search term.

The Benefits of Local SEO Services

Does local SEO actually work? Absolutely! When done correctly local SEO can have a huge impact on your business.

What are the specific benefits of local SEO services? When your business shows up number one for the best search results, you will certainly see an increase in website traffic and business activity. The number of calls will increase. The number of customers will increase. Revenue will increase. Your business will grow. Being ranked number one for a specific local search term also boosts your brand and authority online. This is similar to the growth you’d see from being physically located on the busiest corner in town.

Getting to the top. And staying there…

The world online is more cutthroat than offline. There is no way to rent or own the search results the same way you can own the real estate on the best corner in town. Your local competition will be constantly trying to knock you off the top spot online so they can plant their flag and be the new “best” business in town.

This is why the best local SEO strategies focus on short AND long term strategies. They should build up a solid foundation for your business so your competition can’t easily knock it off. Your competition should need a bulldozer and a large budget to remove your business from being in the best spot online.

Once you get to the top, you’re going to want to hold on tight, which means you will need to uphold your end of the bargain. Now that you have the best spot in town, you also have to provide the best product or service in town so searchers don’t move on to your competition. In addition to your services, you also have to keep your business looking fresh and attractive to new potential customers.

Being the Best Business in Town (Online and Offline)

The best corner in town can’t have a business that looks broken down or outdated. You have to keep your business clean, up to date, and looking fresh. If you don’t, business will suffer and you’ll likely have the local building or health department knocking on your door. The local building department online are the search engines and you have to keep them happy.

How can you keep the search engines, like Google, happy? First, you need to maintain your website by following best web design practices and occasionally adding or updating content on your website. It’s also good to have your customers saying great things about you (online reviews) and other businesses endorsing you with links back to your website.

Although the world has gone digital, the concepts are the same. Local customers are looking for your business. The businesses that make it the easiest to be found online while also providing the best products and services offline are the ones that are going to reap the benefits. We hope that business is you!

Have questions about the benefits of local SEO services or digital marketing in general? Contact us to schedule a free 30 minute consultation today!

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