SEO Strategy for Doctors and Dentists: Local Domination

best seo company for dentists - chicago il

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There are so many digital marketing strategies for doctors and dentists. How do you know which one to choose in order to help your practice get more attention and more patients?

If you are starting a new practice, or just need new dental patients guaranteed, then local SEO (search engine optimization) is the marketing strategy that can best separate your business from your local competition for years to come. Below is one local SEO strategy for doctors and dentists that focuses on “local domination”, making your practice and doctors look like the best and only team in town.

Local Search Domination: An SEO Strategy for Doctors and Dentists

best seo company for dentists - chicago il

When it comes to local search rankings, practitioners like doctors and dentists have a HUGE advantage over many other industries. Why? Because if a practice has more than one practitioner, meaning it has  two or more doctors that see patients, then Google My Business allows each practitioner to have their own listing that is separate from that of the practice.

Having separate accounts is a big advantage because it gives each medical or dental practice the opportunity to rank more than one time for key local search terms like “dentist in [city]” or “dental implants in [city]”. With only three spots available in the local “map pack” on Google, having the opportunity to rank in multiple spots can give your practice a big advantage.

The Only Medical or Dental Specialist in Town

Another perk to listing doctors and dentists separately from the practice is that you get the opportunity to focus on specialties. A medical or dental specialty gives you even more opportunity to rank for less competitive local keywords and to potentially be the ONLY specialist in town.

How can you look like the only specialist in town?

Primary categories in Google My Business carry more weight than secondary categories. So, while most practices focus on being a “dental clinic” or “dentist” as its primary category and maybe “cosmetic dentist” as a secondary category, a doctor with a primary category of “cosmetic dentist” or “endodontist” has a much better chance at ranking near the top for people searching for that type of specialist in your area.

local domination seo strategy for doctors - Conversion Strategies Inc.
Example of a local practice dominating search rankings using a specialist along with the practice ranking multiple times in the top 5. Local domination done right!

When Google sees your business as the most relevant specialist in town, your listing appears like the image here, even in big cities like Chicago. You don’t have to be the best SEO company for dentists to know that this is a great marketing opportunity for practices that know how to use it to their advantage.

SEO Marketing Strategies for Doctors and Dentists

Looking to get more attention and boost your practice this year? This is one SEO strategy for doctors that can get you more attention and more patients. Have questions about dominating local search rankings in your town or city? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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