The ROI of Reputation Management

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Our reputation management services are focused on increasing your business’s bottom line by increasing visibility online, gaining trust through shared customer experiences, and outshining your competition.

Goals of Reputation Management

With the growth of user generated content across the internet, many businesses have completely lost control of their online brand. You do have control of your website and social media sites but most other platforms are out of our control.

For example, you can’t control user reviews or negative comments someone may make about your business on a directory, search engine, or blog. This presents a serious dilemma for many businesses, especially those that have multiple negative reviews hanging over their online brand. How do you hide or, better yet, remove those negative comments about your business?

Our goal was to create a system that helps business owners get their reputation back under control by:

  • Maintaining accurate business information across major online directories, platforms, and search engines
  • Taking a proactive approach in generating new, positive reviews
  • Listening to everything being said about your business, online

It just so happens that our first two goals also have a very positive affect on search engine optimization for local businesses and will help you outshine your competition.

Accurate & Consistent Business Listings

Google is in the business of providing searchers (their customers) with the most accurate search results possible. If a business shows up on five separate directories with five different addresses, Google is most likely going to be more skeptical than if that business was shown on all five sites with the exact same information. Who wouldn’t be?

One 2013 study found that 43% of businesses, especially businesses with multiple locations, have incorrect address information on at least one platform. This isn’t good for your customers or for the search engines.

Our reputation management system is a long-term solution for accurate and consistent listings. We submit your business’s information to the four major data providers (Acxiom, Neustar/Localeze, Factual, and Infogroup) on a consistent basis to ensure they always have your correct information, rather than trusting other sources.

Unfortunately, most new businesses, or businesses that don’t have much of an online presence, don’t have correct information listed with some (or all) of the data providers. By allowing us to submit your business information, the data providers will now be able to push your information to hundreds of business directories, search engines, and even GPS systems.

The best part? We believe in transparency so you’re always able to keep an eye on what the data providers have on file.

Business listing information on major data providers

Generate Positive Reviews

Every website has the same old “We treat customers/patients with respect”, “the customer is always first in our business”, and other general statements. But, when you hear a customer or patient share their story, you’re much more likely to trust that experience. Thus, reviews have become an instant go-to when trying to find a business you can trust.

Reviews can make or break a business.

Looking for a nice restaurant for your next date night? Chances are, you’re going to be looking around on Yelp, Open Table, Google My Business, and other websites where customers have rated their dining experience and you’ll probably use the results you find to help you make a well-informed decision so you can have a great date night. After all, who would take a date to the place that smells like fish or where the bartender makes weak drinks?


Potential customers don’t just do this when shopping for restaurants, they do it for most industries:

  • Health/Medical
  • Fitness
  • Salons/Spas
  • Hotels
  • Shopping
  • and more…

Don’t think reviews can have an impact in your business?

I was recently shopping around for a physical therapist to help get my ankle working properly again. I did a quick Google search for “Physical Therapy Elmhurst” and here are the results I found:

Google seven listing for physical therapy elmhurst
Which business gives you the most confidence?

Which business would you trust with getting your ankle working again?

The one with one or zero reviews or the one with 39 customers willing and happy to take the time to share their Physical Therapy experience?

What amazed me is that Athletico shows up twice in Google’s Top 7 listings. Being in two of the seven spots should give Athletico a major advantage but with zero reviews for both locations, it’s hard to trust them more than a business with 39 reviews and a 4.9 rating, even if they are a much larger business.

ARC Physical Therapy is definitely doing “something” right. That something is most likely making their customers very happy…

and then reminding those happy customers to leave a review.

ARC outshines Athletico in the online Elmhurst Physical Therapy market, proving that a much smaller and less-known businesses can have local-online superiority if they’re able to get their happy customers to share great experiences.

Interested in generating more reviews for you business?

Our reputation management system includes strategies and tools for collecting positive online reviews to boost your business’s reputation. We’ve even created a filter to catch unhappy customers before they publicly shame your business online, saving your reputation AND giving you the opportunity to work directly with the unhappy customer and convert them into a customer for life.

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Business Intelligence

The third part of our system helps your business keep an ear to the ground (of the internet). Our Business Control Center waits and listens for your business to be mentioned online, positively or negatively.

Listening to the internet on a daily basis doesn’t appear to have an obvious ROI because, like flood insurance, you don’t actually value it or feel like you need the service until your basement actually floods – or in this case, until someone is bashing or bragging about your business online.

Unless you’re actively looking for what people are saying about you, you probably aren’t sure if anything is being said at all – good or bad.

For example, will ARC or Athletico ever know that I mentioned them in this blog post? If they were using our reputation management system they’d have an alert in their inbox tomorrow morning.

What if I mentioned your business instead of one of ARC or Athletico? What if this post was bragging or bashing your business and you didn’t know about it until months, or even years, after it was written? Could a post like this cost you customers?

Absolutely. Which is why we’ve added it to our suite of business tools.

Gathering business intelligence also allows us to monitor the new listings and citations your business receives.

If decides to create a page for your business, you’re going to know about it. You’ll receive daily alerts, as well as weekly and monthly reports that show how your business’s online reputation is growing.

snapshot of business listings of yelp google and more

The Bottom Line

As business owners, we want to control everything. Unfortunately, the internet has made that much easier said than done.

We may not be able to control everything people say about our business online but we can do a better job of controlling which customers are talking online and do a better job of listening for people talking about our business.

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