Visiting new places can be intimidating but also very fun! The state of Illinois is large and there are some really great places within it that are worth checking out. Lombard, Illinois is a village west of Chicago that had more fun to offer than I expected.

My Day in Lombard, IL

Finding fun things to do in a new place isn’t the easiest thing to accomplish but thankfully, Lombard had so much to offer that decisions weren’t too difficult to make. Keep reading to find out how I spent my day exploring the village of Lombard.

Lilacia Park

When visiting Lombard, one of the most beautiful places that I got to see was Lilacia Park which has over 8 acres of gardens. Lilacs and tulips are the main focus at Lilacia Park which enhances the experience. With over 200 varieties of lilacs and 50 varieties of tulips, this gem of Lombard is worth seeing.

The LeRoy House

Fellow history lovers may appreciate my visit to the LeRoy House which was home to a very memorable doctor. Dr. LeRoy specialized in creating artificial limbs specifically for civil war veterans. This was powerful and left a big mark on Lombard, it was interesting to learn more about the LeRoy House.

DOC Wine Bar

This local wine bar and bistro was one of the best parts of my day in Lombard. Their unique variety of wines from all over the globe were pleasing to see. I wasn’t expecting such an extensive wine list from this village in Illinois and the overall experience was enjoying, to say the least. Located right in Yorktown Center among all of the shops, the DOC Wine Bar was the perfect place to spend a good chunk of my day in Lombard. The wine flight combined with small plates completed my visit to Lombard, IL.

Come Explore Lombard!

Visiting Lombard for the day was a great experience. I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature while also learning a thing or two. My day ended at the DOC Wine Bar which was incredibly fun and a great way to relax. Lombard tends to get overlooked due to it being so close to Chicago, but it is worth exploring for the day – the small villages always are.

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