While the state of Illinois may be known for Chicago shopping, there are other great areas that have some of the best shopping spots too and the village of Lombard happens to be one of them.

The Best Shopping Spots in Lombard, IL

Going shopping is something that everyone does and it can be helpful to know what the best spots are to hit. Keep reading to find out where you should go shopping on your next excursion!

Yorktown Center

One of the best spots to shop at in Lombard is Yorktown Center. The variety of shops that Yorktown Center has will please everyone in the family. If your kids are growing as most do then The Children’s Place is a great stop or if you have an upcoming business trip, Express is right there too.

Stop in Home Goods to get new towels or visit Kay Jewelers to gaze at those diamond earrings! To kickstart your shopping spree there are a ton of restaurants and cafes that fill Yorktown Center too. Meet the family at the Yorktown Center movie theater at the end of the day!

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Lombard Town Centre

Downtown Lombard is the Town Centre which has the traditional village feel where the buildings are older and the locals are friendly. The shopping options are full of cute and classy boutiques that are owned by proud business owners.

There are candle stores and candy shops that are the perfect spots to hit during a day of shopping. Lombard’s Town Centre is full of small and local businesses that rely on shoppers like you. Grab a beer at the local pub or get your shirts tye dyed around the corner! This Lombard shopping spot won’t let you down.

Lombard Landings

A smaller but great place to stop for some quick shopping is Lombard Landings. The Room Place and Floor & Decor provide housing design and remodeling needs. While this strip mall doesn’t have extensive shopping, it does have some pretty great spots for around the house needs.

Go Shopping in Lombard Today!

The many shopping spots that Lombard has to offer provide people with the ability to get everything that they could ever need or want. With so many options in the state of Illinois, why not visit the village of Lombard for that shopping spree?
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