Internet Marketing for Attorneys & Law Firms

Internet marketing for attorneys and law firms has never been more popular. For many attorneys, they’ve seen their industry explode with popularity, online, especially in larger cities throughout the United States.



As more and more attorneys are learning, most clients are now starting their search for a reputable attorney, online. The information that potential clients can find about you or your law firm with a quick Google search can have a significant impact on whether they decide to ask you to represent or assist them.

When it comes to internet marketing for attorneys, there are three areas that are extremely important. Our goal is to make sure your legal practice is:

1. Easy to Find

Local clients want to choose attorneys that they can easily find so they can decide if they like and trust you. Our goal is to ensure that your legal practice shows up early and often when a potential client is searching for the legal services that you provide, and that your firm stands out as the most reputable in the area.

2. Easy to Trust

If you have the choice between 3 different personal injury lawyers to work on your automotive accident, would you choose a lawyer with a 2 star reputation, 3.5 star reputation, or a 5 star reputation? It’s no secret that the majority of clients that are going to pay an attorney to represent them will always choose the attorney with many 5 star reviews, online.

It’s not a surprise to say that most clients will only consider attorneys that have a great online reputation. So, one of your first online marketing decisions should be to focus on building, managing, and marketing your firm’s 5 star reputation.

3. Easy to Contact

Getting a potential client’s attention is only half the battle. It’s also important that you make it fast, easy, and convenient for them to request a consultation or contact you to get more information. Our conversion optimization strategies not only focus on making it easy for clients to request a consultation, we also account for those that aren’t ready. A substantial number of your web visitors aren’t currently ready to hire your or schedule a consultation to discuss their case, yet. However, our goal is to earn their email address so you can keep in contact with them and stay front-of-mind until they are ready to purchase from you (hopefully in the very near future).

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Our marketing services for attorneys and law firms, include:

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